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Art has always been part of my life, starting ballet at the age of 4 and doing it until 18. As I grew up, expressing myself through the body remained essential; however, certainly developed by the love of perfect line and graceful movement, I became more and more interested in visuals, especially telling stories in moving images. That was also down to my love for literature and great story-telling from the masters of the words. On moving to France from New Caledonia to pursue my studies, the idea of working in the arts became stronger. 

I then went on to try my luck at film school in Los Angeles, where I worked in all departments of production, even post-production, but my passion for directing and telling stories in images had me focus on directing classes. Indeed, planning the shots and camera angles to bring to life each moment, and working with the actors so we could shape the characters and make them genuine and honest, always had my preference and still has today. As I enjoy collaborating, it was never a problem to delegate and let people contribute to the project and, thus, make it the best it could be.

After finishing film school, I decided to come back to my European roots and landed in London where the energy and the art scene were impressive. Although I had always been interested in theatre, it became clear the challenges of not having a safety net as in film with post-production appealed to me enormously. It also appealed to my stage experience as a ballet dancer performing once a year over 15 years. I presented a one-act play at the Lilian Baylis theatre, assisted on a couple of plays and to go back to my first love, created a project with ballet dancers, The Thousand Faces of Ballet, an interview in movements.

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